Thursday, 27 September 2018

The Good Things!

Well, all is well on Sophrosyne!

The jagged skyline of Moorea. This is the landscape the James Mitchener raves about in 'Return to the South Pacific'. Much has changed, but much remains the same, after the 70 years since his time in French Polynesia.
We have been in FP for a couple of weeks now. That is long enough to get unpacked -- but not long enough for Maureen to get the 'pinch me' grin off her face. Maureen really does like the tropics -- I have lost track of the number of times she has reminded me "and I am not even cold."

We have been anchored at Moorea now for 3 or 4 days. We have a nice little spot here and the weather has been fine. We were here in May and even though everything is still new -- I feel a little bit at home here.

Today was shopping day.

It turns out that we are not the 'big provisioners' that we hear about in the south pacific, meaning that we are always on the hunt for a shop with fresh fruit and veg. We are finding that people here eat too, and by and large, we can find anything we need to keep our tummies full.

Prices, well that's a different matter.

Today our grocery shopping took us into Cook's Bay where we knew there was a pretty well stocked 'Super U.' The first trip is always an adventure because one never really knows what will be on the shelves of the Super U.

Pineapples are just coming into season here. Even though two people probably can't eat three big pineapples -- we are going to give it a try.
Today it was all about the pineapples. There have been pineapples around since we got here in May but they always seen so expensive. Today these three beautiful fruit were 800XPF. How much is that you ask? Well it is about equal to a Steak Frite at the roulette. What's that? Steak frite is the most popular street food, and the roulette is the food truck that sells them. Steak frite is a 1/2 baguette loaded with french fries and few pieces of (usually marginal) beef. If that doesn't already make your mouth water you just need to add the 'sauce tahitiene' which has the consistency of soy sauce, and the taste of maple syrup!

We already know that baguette are subsidized across the entire Metropole meaning that anywhere in French Polynesia these loaves are 53 cents. They are delivered each day -- fresh at 06:00 and again at 09:00 -- and they are available at every grocery store and gas station. But don't try to find one after lunch (after 10:00 usually) because they are almost certainly sold out.

Just so you don't think I am bragging about our miserly shopping, I must disclose that the full bill was closer to $200 CDN. "That's a lot of baguette" you say. True, but less when you factor out the beer and cheese (I mean cheese and beer).

We are back at the boat now, we have finished our lunch, and after a wee rest it will probably time for a swim.

At anchor in O'punuho Bay in Moorea.

Warm, and happy!

Last night at dinner Maureen said to me "I don't have enough fingers to count the ways that this has been a good day."

Maureen is warm and happy, life is good.

All is well on Sophrosyne.

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